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Ep41 - Cyber Games Inc.

Ep41 - Cyber Games Inc.

Rumours aplomb in the 41st enticing edition of Sky Pirate Radio: Jace and Kevyn speak word of their past lives working in escape rooms; talk of our BRAND-NEW city tileset in Getaway Grand Prix (and the power that comes as consequence of it); an EXCLUSIVE update on the status of our project Blazing Barrels; grooving into the Headline News with a cryptic conspiracy surrounding Super Mario Maker 2 Worlds, Animal Crossing breaking the bank and Tom Hank's blood; Kevyn moves on from his past sins in the Magic Kingdom and reigns over his Tetris 99 throne; Jace sweats and heaves in Ring Fit, has an exciting update for all the Snack World fans out there and prays tell of Professor Layton's World of Crime; and, finally, we chat sticky hands and crab battles in our game of the week, Simon Quest's Transylvanian Adventure. Sky Pirate Radio is a AAA podcast, alright—ALL AUDIO ACTION!

Duration: 1 hr 6 min

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