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Ep40 Garfield Party

Ep40 Garfield Party

Our two most friendly game makers and players celebrate hitting their flirty forties the only way they know how: talkin' about those precious little games they love so much! At the top of the show we rip into the latest in drifting technology in our new game, Getaway Grand Prix before ripping into our new segment, HEADLINE NEWS, in which we explore the peculiar events surrounding Cooking Mama: Cookstar and the rumored possibility for the for the return of the WiiU, and, thereby, Nintendo Land, with second-screen Switch support. We talk a short reprieve from gossip-gathering and rabble rousing as Kevyn rips into NES Online and goes wild for the simplistic and effective design of Excite Bike and Devil World while Jace gets poisoned by Resident Evil: Code Veronica and healed by Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (and Snack World). The boys tango with the deceptively difficult Game Club, ZX House Attack, and wrap things up answering a few questions about our biggest inspirations for our latest projects (Garfield Party not included). Never be afraid to take control and sieze the day with a rambunctious new episode of SKY PIRATE RADIO!

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