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Ep39 2 Metre Vertical Leap

Ep39 2 Metre Vertical Leap

Things get pear-shaped in the sweetest way on this week's Sky Pirate Radio. We get into how project Getaway Grand Prix has been developing, as well as an update on how Lamplit and Sword Club have been proceeding. Meanwhile, we prepare for lockdown by doing what we do best: twiddlin' our thumbs upon some itsy bitsy games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this podcast's Game Club, Heart Star, and the quiet return of Kevyn's Mobile Korner with Disney Magic Kingdom. We then become frightened and frazzled from out wits to our tips by Resident Evil: Revelations, Resident Evil 3 (PS1), and Resident Evil 3 (Demo). Jace also goes sleuthing around the streets of Kamurocho in Judgment, searching for an answer to the horrible question: how high can Kevyn jump? You can only find the answer one way, buster—in a freaking new Sky Pirate Radio, dude!

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