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Ep38 Professor Layton and the Perplexing Election

Ep38 Professor Layton and the Perplexing Election

Quarantined but ready to break out, it's the 38th instalment of Sky Pirate Radio! In today's embarkation, Jace and Kevyn unveil the inner workings of our new prototype, the maze-racin' arcade caper, Getaway Grand Prix, as well as formally introducing Kevyn's upcoming merch store, FabLab! It's all uphill from there as the Kevyn contracts symptoms of Pac-Man Fever before coming to blows with Jace over their polarising thoughts on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo. Jace encounters the second stage of grief in Snack World and the second stage of fear in Resident Evil 2 before the boys kiss, make up, and go cosmic with this weeks Game Club: Dragon Quest of the Stars, before closing things out with dash of the classical Mickey Mouse Ultraviolence. Sky Pirate Radio: FIRST AND ONLY scratch 'n sniff podcast!

Duration: 1 hr 23 min

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