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Ep36 Self-Imposed Truman Show

Ep36 Self-Imposed Truman Show

No topic is left ventured in our first gathering of the minds for 2020: we spill the beans on our Mobile Quest prototype and several other sneaky projects the we're cooking up at the moment. In the meantime, Kevyn has been researching the hottest mobile games, exploring the visceral horrors of Luigi's Mansion the Third and Star Wars Battlefront the Second. Meanwhile, Jace is playing Skyward Sword for some reason, and we discuss the toy-like nature of the motion controls before sharing an intimate "Wii Moment". Alas, the night isn't over until we all scream about our new favourite game, SONIC BOLL, pondering how the likes of Guybrush Threepwood and the Crazy Frog would fare in Mario World. We cap things off by reviving the long-forgotten segment, PITCH THAT GAME!, to tackle the greatest game design challenge ever faced: creating a game known only as "Guilty Slug". Next week, we will be talking about Elechead on the podcast, which you can check out for a price of your choosing here!  If you have questions about our upcoming games, want to contribute to Game Club or Pitch That Game, or wish to probe Kevyn's personal life, give us a hoot and/or holler at @skypirateradio or! We love hearing from you, and Kevyn says he will answer ANY question. Please do not squander this golden-ticket opportunity.

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