Episode Thirty-Four: Litha & Mercury Retrograde

Episode Thirty-Four: Litha & Mercury Retrograde

This week’s episode has a lot going on since there is a lot happening in June! Jess covers the summer solstice and the upcoming Sabbat of Litha. We get into how to celebrate and how Stonehenge fits into the practice. James discusses Mercury Retrograde, and why we feel the way we do during this time. We learn that these retrogrades are not always what they seem, and ways we can get through Mercury’s Retrograde. We even get into some witchy moments, so sit for a spell and learn with us!Film link: I'm Not Your NegroStonehenge Website List of Instagram accounts:@mosaiceye@rachel.cargle@hausofhoodoo@blackfemmewitchesbrew@witchdoctorpoet@blancobruja@tatiannatarot@thetrapwitch

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