Season Finale: Craig Gets "Pissed"

Season Finale: Craig Gets "Pissed"

Like what you hear? Leave a review on Apple Podcast! - Season Finale with Craig Engels  There is no better way to end a season than three friends shooting the breeze in a banterish episode of Sit and Kick. Engels enlightens us all on his ability to drive jet skis, run in underwater treadmills, and freestyle. Craigs laugh isn't the only echoing tune through this episode. You also hear your guest speak about perseverance, moments of defeat and incredible moments of triumph. Getting handed a Bud Light when he was crowned USA Champion to doing extra push ups in an attempt to dethrone the Lobo Josh Kerr in their NCAA days. No stone is left unturned  and it will surely be an episode you won't want to miss! We even get a bonus glimpse of Craig Engels acting career curtesy of improv from Josh, David and Craig.  Moments to remember: A Bud Light in the hands of Craig Engels Moments before the World 1500m Final USA vs Scotland (Josh and Craig exchange words) Acting Angles with Engels. David explains his "turn-down-iversary" Thank you all for an incredible Season II, Look alive for everything you need to know about Season III <3 J & D

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