Episode VI: Love Languages & Banter

Episode VI: Love Languages & Banter

MAY this episode bring you joy and start your month off the Sit & Kick way! What better way to introduce Tinman Elite to the podcast than having Drew Hunter break the ice.  Drew Hunter, a high school phenom, accomplished near impossible feats: Gatorade Athlete of the Year, sub 4 minutes in the mile, signing of a professional contract with Adidas. The list could go on for Drew in his prep years. As a professional, Drew has yet to stop. Creating his very own team in Boulder with the help of like minded individuals and qualifying for his first senior team in the 5,000m. Drew has no plans on slowing down. Your hosts waste no time bringing the banter and dive into a variety of rabbit holes. Drew was a good enough sport and even brought banter of his own. Some of the Banter you won't want to miss is: "Four Beasts. Four Tinman. 3000m, score it like a cross country meet. who wins?" -Josh "What is your love languages?" - Drew If you have words of your own about any of the banter had on this or any episode. Comment over our social media platforms and your hosts or guests will bring the heat! <3 J&D

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