Episode II "Dani Jones Signs With....."

Episode II "Dani Jones Signs With....."

Dani Jones has an array of qualities that suited her as a guest for the Sit and Kick Podcast. To start, she is fast. Three time NCAA Champion fast. She even won the international mile at the Pre Classic. Secondly, she is a professional on and off the track. She presents herself with purpose and drive to be the best human she can be. Lastly, and most importantly. She can take and deliver heat. Dani Jones answers the question of Jenny Simpson or Emma Coburn, if women should run 8k for cross country and more.  A fan favorite moment will definitely be where she stabs back at your host Josh Kerr by questioning the origin of the name "Sit and Kick". This is worth a listen, share and conversation for your next run! Give us a good review so we can keep bringing you great content! <3 J&D

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