Episode I: Jake Wightman "Is Josh Kerr Really Scottish?"

Episode I: Jake Wightman "Is Josh Kerr Really Scottish?"

Back & Banterish as ever!  Season 3 is kicked off with a fellow Scotsman, Jake Wightman.  Jake Wightman is the Scottish record holder for the 1500m, Commonwealth and European bronze medalist in 2018 and all-time scaredy cat after watching Pet Sematary.  Your hosts covered a variety of topics with their first guest of a season. Ranging from structure of Uni, Highland games, a Scottish quiz, and what Jake was thinking driving to Las Vegas at the speed of sound.  Banter Bowl Highlights: "What is the race weakness of the other?" David asking Josh and Jake "Driving a bit fast to Vegas were you Jake?" Josh to Jake "Scary movies aren't your thing are they? What happened after you watched Pat Sematary?" David to Jake Sit back and Kick it with the first episode of Season III 

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