Ep. 4 with Grant Holloway: "Sit&Kick and RoseGangCollective"

Ep. 4 with Grant Holloway: "Sit&Kick and RoseGangCollective"

World Champion Grant Holloway makes his guest appearance on the Sit and Kick Podcast. Do you want to know the context to these responses? listen now! Grant " A bag of skittles and a few legos to play with!" Josh "Maybe  I should switch to lane races, seems easier to win a global medal ,don't you think!" David "I'm all about love on this podcast, give us the details!" Grant: "You're lookin' like a sloth." Your hosts, Josh and David, confirmed this episode is one of a kind. Not only is Grant the first World Champion on the podcast, he is also the first sprinter. Giving inside knowledge on technique, mentality and signing a professional contract as an athlete who's race lasts just a few blinks.  Grant Holloway is an American Record Holder, World Champion, Bowerman award winner and Rose Gang Collective co-founder. However I am sure Grant would agree, Grant is most importantly...Grant. Sit back and Kick it with an episode that truly does showcase the personality of one of the best American track athletes of this generation. Highlights include: Social media animals for your hosts, similar to Grant Holloway as @Flaamingoo_. The 2019 World Championships in Doha  Signing as a sprinter (with Adidas) BanterBowl: lane races are easier to win at worlds and more! Links  Grant Holloway Instagram: Rose Gang Collective Website

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