BONUS EPISODE: Sit & Kick & Friends (Flotrack)

BONUS EPISODE: Sit & Kick & Friends (Flotrack)

Your hosts did a special episode last week where they sat down and did a round table taping of an episode with the track and field hub, Flotrack. Your hosts treated Flotrack as kind as any guest and spit banter bowl questions their way. This episode is listed as bonus because that is truly all it is. A bonus. A bonus for your ears, your hosts and the community of Sit and Kick. Enjoy this shortened version of the episode, if you'd like to hear the full taping (90 minutes) head over to Flotrack.  Parts of interest: Who's the worst athlete to interview? Who would win 4x1500m: Aussies, Scotts, USA, Norway or Kenya Best athlete beat? & more! - - <3 J&D

Duration: 54 min

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