Eyvind Jonsson

STARTUP: [ENG] GoDogo - DTC Open House

STARTUP: [ENG] GoDogo - DTC Open House

Welcome to the SISN Startup, a podcast for Startups, Investors, Seedfunding and Networks. In this edition we are listening in on some one-minute pitches given recently at the DTC Open House for 2018. Startups enrolled in this year’s DTC program will present their Startup and the problem it solves. Go Dogo (go-dogo.com) has created the world’s first artificially intelligent dog entertainment system. The system prevents boredom and greatly improves quality of life for man’s best friend. By employing deep-learning neural networks and dog-behavioral science the system will provide automatic and interactive mental stimulation. You can contact the SISN Startup on email: sisnpodcast@gmail.com

Duration: 4 min

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