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Episode 016 - Olivia Neutron Bomb

Episode 016 - Olivia Neutron Bomb

After so much time away... again (entirely on me, sorry), we return with another crap episode of Brimstone... again (that's on me too, sorry). Poor Zeke just wants a vacation and a cuddle. Instead, the Devil railroads him into hunting down Paco Gomez, the second part of a Rich Girl/Poor Boy romance, with some serious hangups about money, and some uncomfortable insinuations about the hotness of Jesus's mom. Armed with a new car somehow even crappier than mine, Zeke fumbles his way though this lackluster followup to the series' best episode. Of course, Stan and Greg do their best to make a meal of these meager scraps, but mostly they just grouse and bitch. I mean, why should this episode be different from any other one? At least Brimstone is almost over. As always, our theme music was composed by Tony III of Third Wolf Productions - Productions And our logo was designed by Lindsay Rae Baker - Stan can be found on Twitter @BedsideMartini Greg can be found on Twitter @Eurogerg The show can be found on Twitter @SingSeaShow Also, hey, rate and review us on iTunes, or SoundCloud, or on whatever app or doohickey you listen to us on whydon'tcha? We keep forgetting to ask you to do that in the actual episodes, but it'd be super cool of you. All, like, 15 of you, or whatever.

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