sincerely, gen. z

Sincerely, Gen. Z - 8:46

Sincerely, Gen. Z - 8:46

The New Narrative, Segment 1, Black Lives Matter. TW: Today I discuss the killing of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. I also go further in depth to analyze the term “All Lives Matter” and it’s racist ideology. I realize that as a white passing woman and a non black woman, I have no say in how a black individual or black group feels about this movement. I am only expressing how I feel, and how others have expressed to me how they feel, in order to try and give a representation of how a portion of this generation is viewing, and dealing, with this world wide revolution. No person deserves to lose their life because of their skin color. No person deserves to fear for their life everyday because of their skin color. It is our responsibility and our duty to protect these black individuals with our white skin. It is our duty to be anti-racist. It is our duty to scream with them, “No Justice, No Peace” until that statement no longer needs to be spoken. It is YOUR duty to stand up for your black brothers and sisters. They need us, they need YOU. Do not give up now. - Mela Dietz Go to for ways you can make a change.

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