Mystie Winckler

3 things to do when homemaking is hard

3 things to do when homemaking is hard

I often hear from women who say they were organized when they worked in an office, but they just can’t manage to be – or at least feel – organized at home.What makes it so hard to stay on top of basic tasks? Why is organization so hard to maintain?I think it’s due to both the open-ended and repetitive nature of the job.There are no bosses, no managers, no teachers. There are no paychecks, no grades, no due dates.The tasks, once done, need to be done again, so there’s never the accomplished feeling of finishing.We have to not only make our own plan, but also be the one to follow through on the plan without oversight.Some of us are good at making the plan, but bad at follow-through. Some can follow a task list, but are less comfortable making that list themselves.So homemaking ends up being a challenging position.However, like entrepreneurship, it also offers a unique opportunity to shine, to grow in capacity, and to find fulfillment and satisfaction.

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