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Belleville Man of the Year 2020 w/ Lukas Luna

Belleville Man of the Year 2020 w/ Lukas Luna

We're back with episode 2! In this episode, we sat down with Daveed's best friend Lukas Luna, who's a recent graduate of Rutgers Newark/New Jersey Institute of Technology, Pre-Med track, with a major in Neurobiology. A big discovery of ours is that Jersey Boys, and music and theatre in general, is a big part of our culture and brings everyone together.  We cover everything from who our favorite season is and what that says about us, to why we keep coming back over and over again to see the show, or why we keep watching the movie. To keep finding those nuances, those ideas and themes that keep us beggin for more. Producers: Daveed Ben-Arie, Gia Doxey, and Cainan Grier. Researchers and Hosters: Daveed Ben-Arie and Gia Doxey Audio engineer/Editor/Composer: Cainan Grier Follow us on Instagram at @SilhouettesJBPodcast_ for more updates and JERSEY BOYS content. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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