Significant Others

Did you know that the novel

Did you know that the novel "Lolita" would not exist if Vladimir Nabokov’s wife hadn’t stopped her husband from burning the manuscript? Or that Gandhi learned his legendary method of passive resistance from his wife? Or that the person responsible for Maya Angelou’s genre-defining memoir was her good friend James Baldwin? Significant Others is a narrated, nonfiction podcast about folks just beyond the spotlight of history. Each episode tells the story of a talented, difficult and little-known individual who altered the destiny of their better-known partner, child, sibling, or friend, and impacted the world they left behind. Narrated and written by Liza Powel O’Brien and featuring the voices of Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, Jameela Jamil, Rita Wilson, Timothy Olyphant, Lisa Kudrow and many more.

Episodes: 9


Stacy Schiff on the Nabokovs

Duration: 23 min

Véra Nabokov

Duration: 37 min

Conan O’Brien on the Lincolns

Duration: 20 min

Mary Lincoln

Duration: 39 min

Dipika Guha on the Gandhis

Duration: 19 min

Kasturba Gandhi

Duration: 50 min

Esther Perel on The Tolstoys

Duration: 23 min

Countess Sophia Tolstoy

Duration: 45 min

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