How Outreach Transitioned From "In-Person Events" To "Virtual Events | Episode #10

How Outreach Transitioned From "In-Person Events" To "Virtual Events | Episode #10

In this episode, Alex spoke with the Director of Demand Generation at Outreach - Harmony Anderson. How do you pivot an entire "in-person" event strategy... overnight? 🤔 Well, for Outreach this is exactly what they had to when COVID hit - they went from last year doing 225 in-person events... to having all of those cancelled back in March, when COVID hit.  In this episode Harmony breaks down: ➡️ How Outreach pivoted to Virtual & got 13,000+ people to attend their Virtual Event.  ➡️ Why follow-up & everything you do as "marketing collateral" around the event is so important - when it's Virtual.  ➡️ Why she thinks Virtual will never replace the value of in-person & how that impacts "lead scoring"  An absolute value-packed episode to say the least... especially if you've been on the fence about Virtual Events.  If you want to check Outreach, click here --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/show-me-the-data/message

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