Josh & Jamie Jones

We share how it ALL started

We share how it ALL started

It took us forever to finally do this and figure out how! Thank God for YouTube! We are the JONESES and Share it ALL with YALL and aren't afraid to do so, in fact, we feel like God has given us this gift of an amazing life and marriage and we want to share that its possible to for anyone with a past to choose well in their future when it comes to anything, especially a spouse and family. We share It all, to the dark hardest spots to the amazing things too. We love our meeting and dating story because its ordained by God and we love sharing about it! ENJOY!You can find us on Instagram at @shortandtallshareitall or email us at if you want to hear more, tips to help us improve, (be nice!) topic ideas,  prayer requests or your best Would you Rather question! Thanks! #marriage #loveaftermarriage #dating #datingyourspouse #shortandtallshareitall

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