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She's Magnetic - Shirin Eskandani

She's Magnetic - Shirin Eskandani

In this episode of She’s Magnetic I am talking to Shirin Eskandani We talk about Shirin's life as a creative entrepreneur, her history as a professional opera singer in NYC and how she became a life coach. Shirin talks about her holistic approach to life coaching and how we can become our own north star. She talks about her own body acceptance journey and how social media affects the way we see ourselves. We discuss her love for personal style and how she uses style as a tool to express herself, plus so much more. To learn more about Shirin you can find her on instagram @wholeheartedcoaching or on her website: For more on Lou Stokes, Style Consultant and Confidence coach visit: or @byloustokes Produced by Cabina 29

Duration: 45 min

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