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She's Magnetic - Melissa Ferrer-Burke

She's Magnetic - Melissa Ferrer-Burke

In this episode I am talking to the incredible Melissa Ferrer-Burke, ex Model & Actress, Founder of To inspire travel and international yoga teacher. We discuss her experience as a Model and Actress in NYC, her life now as a creative entrepreneur and founder of To Inspire Travel, plus her love for travel, community and giving back. How she navigates the highs and lows of entrepreneurship whilst carving her path to becoming a magnetic woman. Melissa talks about her yogi lifestyle, being mindful and living intentionally, pluspositive body image and acceptance. Melissa shares her experience of her constant battle with weight and the relationship with her body. How she embraces her own personal style and the importance of feeling empowered and confident in the clothes we wear. Plus what excites her about being a woman right now and so much more! To learn more about Melissa you can find her on instagram @inspiretravel on her website: For more on Lou Stokes, Style Consultant and Confidence coach visit: or @byloustokes Producido por Cabina 29.

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