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She's Magnetic - Georgie Kirwan-Ferreira

She's Magnetic - Georgie Kirwan-Ferreira

In this episode I am talking to the incredible power house Georgie Kirwan-Ferreira. Georgie is a Deep healing therapist for rebel hearted curious women based in the UK. We talk about Georgie's life as a therapist and creative entrepreneur and how she got where she is today. She talks about body image and her struggles with eating and suffering from a distorted body image. Her love for style, in her own words “identity" and passion for colours and sequins, spirituality and personal development, plus so much more! To learn more about Georgie you can find her on instagram @she_who_dares_shines and on her website: For more on Lou Stokes, Style Consultant and Confidence coach visit: or follow her on instagram @byloustokes Producido por Cabina 29 @cabina29estudio

Duration: 51 min

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