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She's Magnetic - Chardét Durbin

She's Magnetic - Chardét Durbin

In this episode of She’s Magnetic I am talking to Chardét Durbin We talk about how Chardét transitioned from the Corporate world in New York City to moving to London as a Fitness & Nutrition Coach and stepping into her magnetic power. How she got started with her online wellness business helping women find easy solutions that actually last and leave them feeling empowered and inspired. Chardét and I talk about body image in the digital age and she shares her own fitness and body acceptance journey. How the most loving thing we can do for ourselves is fully accept ourselves and how personal style is another part of who we are which impacts our life's on so any levels. To learn more about Chardét you can find her on instagram @corpaofitness or on her website: Corpao Fitness. For more on Lou Stokes, Style Consultant and Confidence coach visit: or @byloustokes Produced by Cabina 29.

Duration: 53 min

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