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Mindset and Your Exit Strategy - Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Mindset and Your Exit Strategy - Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

A Corporate Sr Vice President’s Exit Strategy...Some of the highlights of the interview:💥 Google her: legally, there are specifics that Cheryl Grace cannot talk about but they are all available in news coverage in all the big outlets - you’ll get the picture💥 Becoming a Target for Economizing- the more money you start to earn, particularly as a woman, the higher up the ladder you climb after you've worked so hard to get there. Then you become a line item on a budget spreadsheet that people are looking at how else might we be able to use these dollars💥 Your Exit Strategy - When you reach a certain point in your career, you want to make sure that when you go off into career 2.0 or simply life 2.0 that you're stepping across, not down.💥 HR is not your friend - we’ll just leave that there💥 Signs that it’s time to start planning - great tips💥   “Fabulosity is a choice, and you get to choose it every single day with everything you do. It's all about your choices. And it's easier to make good choices when you're happy”Final comment:  "the other thing that people need to also do when you're looking at an exit strategy is make sure you find good lawyers"🌟Episode webpage:     Mindset + Exit Strategy with Cheryl GraceFind Cheryl at: Website: LinkedIn: Cheryl’s School of Fabulosity: Cheryl’s Shop of Fabulosity:  🌐 This amazing conversation is one woman’s efforts to use podcast guest appearances to get her very important message out to the world.  Whether it’s to grow your speaking career, to get more widely known, or to better position yourself as the authority you really are - strategic podcast guesting is a savvy move.We can help you figure out your best strategy and get you rapidly and effectively launched leveraging this powerful medium.Contact us at or book a complimentary consultation call -  Join the ranks of people making guesting really work for them! Let’s get YOU started 

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