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She's All That -

She's All That - "conversations with women doing awesome sh*t!" Season 3 is all about the transformation these women are making in the aftermath of the ‘midlife bomb’ - those unforeseen events - illness, loss, a termination, a battle, an awakening, or a transformation - events that are lobbed into our lives like a grenade, detonating the life we had been living for decades; there’s no going back. These women are creating their new path, moving forward into the uncertainty with guts, creativity and inspiring panache, owning this new chapter, and living it with new meaning and vision, stronger and bolder than ever. While the lens of popular culture is often on the tragedy and the trauma - and the injury and damage it inflicts, I want to focus on, to tell the story of - to celebrate women who were only made stronger by what they experienced. Women having an impact, making a difference. We need to hear those stories to know that building that new life - that new incarnation - from the pieces of ‘what was’ is not just possible - it may be the best thing you’ll ever do.

Episodes: 40

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