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Episode 15: Crimes of Passion

Episode 15: Crimes of Passion

In this ep, Kristin’s goes way back to the 1920’s where she tackles the case of infamous bootlegger turned murderer- George Remus. George was a guy who was both and lawyer and a pharmacist who used both skills to find a loophole in the Volstead Act. He ended up running one of the biggest bootlegging operations in the country. However, George had a weakness for his wife, Imogene, who he gave control over his finances and business operations. This backfired when George got arrested and Imogene decided to take George to the cleaners. As a result, George was mad… more than mad and this lead to a crime of passion. Learn more in this ep!As for Amy, she covers a way more modern crime in this episode as she discusses a bizarre love triangle that began in a chatroom and ended in blood. When 46 year old Thomas Montgomery entered into a chatroom and met an 18 year old girl, he decided to go back in time and pretend to be an 18 year old as well. Things got intense, over a year went by, and Thomas’ wife found all about it and clued in his little e-girl on who he actually was. She then turns to comfort in Thomas’ co-worker, Brian, but goes back and forth with these men through emails and messages, until one day Thomas snaps. This story has all kinds of catfish in the chatrooms! Tune in and find out who is actually who!

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