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Episode 12: Women Who Kill

Episode 12: Women Who Kill

In today's episode, we explore women who kill, so hold onto your stretchy pants. Things are about to get crazy!First up is Kristin's case: In the early 1900’s, Louisiana and Texas was plagued by ax murders that swept across the states. Initially, a man named Raymond Barnabet was arrested for the murders, but while he was in jail more murders occurred. Police soon were hot on the trail of his 19-year-old daughter Clementine Barnabet. Was she working alone? Did she have accomplices? Clementine was sentenced to life in prison for the murders, but was eventually let go. The rest of her life was a mystery and so many questions still remain regarding the ax murders that wiped out entire African American families in the south at that time. This week Amy dives into the case involving, then, 18 year old, Christa Pike, who was furious over the possibility that someone else might be interested in her boyfriend. Jealous and feeling mean, Christa invites this unsuspecting girl to join them to smoke some pot and make amends, except that was the last thing Christa was wanting to do. Instead she beat this helpless woman, Colleen Slemmer, to death, leaving her unrecognizable. 

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