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SDH151: Discovering Your Story and Building Your Highest Being with Sarah Anne Stewart

SDH151: Discovering Your Story and Building Your Highest Being with Sarah Anne Stewart

Have you been back and forth with dieting your whole life? Has body confidence been an issue that you've dealt with, but never felt comfortable discussing? What factors led you to feel as though you needed to change your image to be happy? Well Sarah Anne Stewart, a Holistic Health coach, wants to get to the bottom of it. But she doesn't want to just tell you to eat your greens and exercise. She wants to get to the source. Sarah became a model at the young age of 14, and was so for about 10 years. While a model, she developed an eating disorder that nearly killed her and left her hospitalized for some time. All she could think about was how this could happen to her and where did it stem from. Growing up her father was heavily into meditation, holistic health, reprogramming subconscious beliefs, and even cured himself of terminal cancer through proper nutrition.  First she realized that she needed to truly change her diet and stick with it. While her health improved, her anxiety and depression remained. She soon figured out that she needed to change her thought process as well, and improve her mental health. She discovered that a lot of her confidence and body issues stemmed from her modeling career, and how from the get-go something didn't feel right. The constant bombardment of body image awareness and pressure to be "perfect" according to societal standards had left her drained mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. But, by finding the root of her problems, she was able to work through them and forgive them. This enabled her to shed some heavy internal baggage, and genuinely begin to change her thought process, which allowed her to reach her highest being. She wanted to help other women on their journey, and find their story as well, so they can obtain overall health and mental clarity, too. Relax and enjoy as we hear more about Sarah's touching and inspiring story to finding who she is and loving her soul. In this episode you will... Understand how to become physically and mentally healthy Discover the story behind your body issues and/or weight gain Know how to find happiness in the body that you have Feel comfortable having an open discussion about your insecurities Figure out how to achieve alignment mentally, emotionally, and spiritually Learn to have patience when building your business INSIGHTS "I need to talk about it. It needs to be an open discussion...30 million people in this country do have eating disorders and every 62 minutes someone dies from one." - Sarah Anne Stewart "We really need to look within and take that responsibility. And when that piece is taken, I see change literally over night it's incredible." - Sarah Anne Stewart "We can go from diet to diet... or we can intuitively look within and say what is going on with me. What is the place in my childhood that I need to forgive?" - Sarah Anne Stewart "Your weight is speaking to you and you're holding onto it for a reason, and we have to feel grateful for that reason. It's telling me something....what is the story of your weight." - Sarah Anne Stewart "When you want to be fully alive and you want to be completely content and happy with where you are in your life, you're going to do everything you can to be healthy. If you're not there's a reason...and we accept the reason and we move through it, work on it, we forgive it." - Sarah Anne Stewart "I need my own help. I need to get my own coaches. I need to figure this out and I'm gonna do everything I can to really heal this disconnect in my mind." ­- Sarah Anne Stewart "My truth, my highest being, my source, my power, who I am as a human and a soul isn't connected to this physical body. I had to learn that to really create myself." - Sarah Anne Stewart "Now I'm so in alignment with my truth and what I want to teach and my story and I have the confidence to speak about it. I feel so proud and honored to have these conversations now." - Sarah Anne Stewart "That's what the world really needs right now. It needs people to step up and say 'This is what I'm going through. It sucks. It's hard.' Even as a's tough having this social pressure and these conditioned norms...but I'm going to help change them." - Sarah Anne Stewart RESOURCES Sarah Anne Stewart Website Sarah Anne Stewart Facebook Sarah Anne Stewart Instagram Sarah Anne Stewart Twitter Sarah Anne Stewart LinkedIn Break the Norms by Chandresh Bhardwaj Living Well on the Road by Linden Schaffer Emotional GRIT by Dr. Neeta Bhushan Also, for today's episode I partnered with Hello Fresh!  You guys have heard me talk about Hello Fresh before and how much I love them! Earlier this week I made one of the veggie options, so quick, easy and flavorful.  They now offer family size boxes, lighter menu and breakfast options! They make cooking fun, easy and convenient.  For first time users of Hello Fresh, use promo code HERWAY30 to receive $30 off your first order!

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