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Racial Equity in the Workplace and at Home with Devi Johnson

Racial Equity in the Workplace and at Home with Devi Johnson

Host Shireen invites Devi to the podcast to talk about her experience advancing racial equity at her job and in her personal life. Hear about the challenges, strategies to overcome those challenges, and sources of inspiration to continue working toward racial equity. Devi Johnson is currently a project management consultant helping companies navigate large and complex projects. Devi focuses on driving impact and positive change in her workplace and in her community. She is leading her (mostly white) office as their diversity, equity, and inclusion champion and has worked with multiple community non-profits. Outside of work, Devi enjoys cooking, hiking, and reading. The Courage to Not Know – Brené Brown How To Be An Antiracist Showing Up for Racial Justice LinkedIn | PointB  About the Host Passionate about addressing inequities of all kinds, Shireen Tabrizi loves herself some structural and systemic change. She also likes to talk politics, both national and hyper-local, and stay engaged with her community. LinkedIn Global Shapers Seattle Website

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