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Public Health, Health Equity and COVID with Jamal Yearwood

Public Health, Health Equity and COVID with Jamal Yearwood

Jamal will admit he does and does not get why people listen to things he says. If you were to ask him his opinion on why people listen to him, he'd say, "I've been around white people for too long" and if you were to ask him why people shouldn't listen to him he'd say, "I wasn't finished speaking." Leading off the first episode of the Seattle Shapers podcast, Jamal Yearwood, and fellow Shaper Jeremy, talk Health, Politics, and just enough Conspiracy. Twitter | Vacant Soles Transcript About the Host Jeremy Schifberg is an experienced social entrepreneur and management consultant, focused on health care delivery reform and community health. He served most recently as Principal and member of the founding team at The Health Initiative, a social enterprise working to spur new, coordinated investments in health. LinkedIn Recorded: December 2nd, 2020 Global Shapers Seattle Website Produced by Rami Sayar

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