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Sew & Tell Classic: The Sewing Slump (Episode 8)

Sew & Tell Classic: The Sewing Slump (Episode 8)

We’re resurfacing our favorite past episodes in between releases to highlight topics you might have missed! Our conversation from two years ago about overcoming the slump when inspiration is scarce rings as true now. We talk inspiration every week, but what happens when you just can’t find any? Our hosts will discuss “sewist’s block” and how to deal with it. This episode originally aired 2/21/2019. Episode Summary Welcome Discussion Segment: The Experience of Sewist’s Block Discussion Segment: Finding Your Inspiration and Breaking the Block SewJo: What’s giving us our sewing mojo this week Sew & Tell Last Episode's Question: What’s your favorite menswear pattern? This Episode’s Question: Do you ever suffer from Sewist’s Block and how do you deal with it? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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