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Episode 50: Walk-Up in Madrid

Episode 50: Walk-Up in Madrid

In this episode, product manager Darius Koohmarey tells us about the ITSM Walk-Up Experience in the Madrid release. London streamlined the walk-up experience for people requesting IT service. In Madrid, the focus is on the fulfillers, and Darius tells us about the highlights. He also gives us some tips for migrating Walk-Up from London to Madrid. This episode covers: New features for requestors Agent Workspace for walk-up technicians Advanced Work Assignment for routing work Tips for smooth migration to Madrid For more information, see: Product Documentation: Walk-Up Experience Product Documentation: Walk-Up Experience release notes Video: ITSM Walk-Up Experience Podcast: Episode 45: The Walk-Up Experience (London) Your feedback helps us serve you better. Did you find this podcast helpful? Please leave a comment! To catch clips behind the scenes with our guests and hear about new episodes before they’re published, follow @NOWsupport on Twitter. You can also search Twitter using #SNtechbytes for previous podcasts, video clips and pictures. See for privacy information.

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