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Holding Space and Self Healing with Jenay Rose

Holding Space and Self Healing with Jenay Rose

Jenay Rose is a Self-Mastery and Fitness Coach whose mission “is to help you quiet the ego-voice so that you too can move from fear to love and take grateful guided action in your life.” After struggling with addiction, cancer, anxiety, and depression during most of young adult life, Jenay allowed the healing practices of yoga, modern mindfulness, and metaphysical tactics like manifestation, to totally transform her life for the better!  On today's episode, Jenay joins Serena to talk about stepping into power and living an authentic life. She shares her own inspiring story of struggle and resilience, and how to go from selling to sharing with passion as an entrepreneur.   LEARN more about Jenay Rose at: Website: IG: @jenay.rose FB: @jenay.rose YouTube:   LEARN more about Serena Poon: Website: IG: @chefserenapoon TW: @chefserenapoon FB: @chefserenapoon   SUBSCRIBE to SERENA LOVES TV:      

Duration: 19 min

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