Caroline Mabey and Taylor Glenn

Self Renovators

"Funny and touching and brilliant. It is riddled with cynicism and sarcasm and is wonderfully relatable." - The Guardian It’s the Self Renovators! Comedians and delightful neurotics Caroline Mabey and Taylor Glenn road-test the deluge of self improvement tips that clog up the internet like socks in a drain. From early morning meditations to CBT thought tracking challenges, Caroline and Taylor are on a two-woman quest to improve themselves . . .so you don’t have to! Want to send us a task? Email at

Episodes: 20


23 Through the Looking Glass

Duration: 49 min

22 Songstresses

Duration: 50 min

21 Bite the Bullet Journal

Duration: 46 min

20 The Breathers

Duration: 54 min

19 Grin and Bear It

Duration: 44 min

18 The Great British Brush Off

Duration: 25 min

17 Hypnotizability

Duration: 45 min

16 Anger Manglement

Duration: 37 min

15 Back to the Drawing Board

Duration: 37 min

14 What's the Point

Duration: 40 min

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