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Secret Sonics 097 - Austin Hull - A Fresh Approach to Pop Music

Secret Sonics 097 - Austin Hull - A Fresh Approach to Pop Music

Austin Hull is a music producer, mixing engineer, and artist based out of Orlando, FL, USA! Austin is the founder and owner of Make Pop Music. In this episode, Austin shared his story - how he transitioned from playing in metal bands to producing pop music, how he started the Make Pop Music Facebook group and built a career in production. We go deep on his approach to producing and mixing, how he stays creative and inspired in the studio, communicating with artists and so much more! Check it out! You can find out more about Austin at can find out more about Make Pop Music at can find Austin on Social MediaIG - can find Make Pop Music on Social MediaIG - - can listen to the song we discussed in the "Sauce" segment in its entirety here:  "Gone in the Morning" by Liam Ferrari - to the podcast and get my free guidebook "Music Production Essentials" here - the Secret Sonics Facebook community here - you'd like to help support Secret Sonics, you can do so by visiting Home Studio podcast episode with Austin - of Balloons The Weeknd - Martin -’s Sex EP mixtape - Grande tutorial video - Mind - to make a pop song in 10 steps - Classics - Pro R - Vintage Verb - - 2a - VBC - MB Waves - Saturn - Alliance Black Box - 2 - Tape Machine - to make a Lauv style track MPM - Grimmett - Shape 65 - for listening to this episode of Secret Sonics! I hope you enjoyed this episode :) Look out for new episodes weekly. Consider rating and reviewing our show on Apple Podcasts and sharing this or any of your favorite episodes with a friend or two.Thank you to Zvi Rodan, Mendy Portnoy, and Yakir Hyman for contributing to the new podcast theme music!You can find out more about Secret Sonics and subscribe on your favorite podcast app by visiting***If you want the show to continue to improve, feel free to fill out a listener survey here: ***Follow along via social media here:Facebook: free to email me at with any questions and feedback you might have. I'm open to learning about what topics you'd like to hear about and which people you'd like to hear from. In pursuit of making this podcast truly helpful to anybody looking to improve at music production, all suggestions are truly welcome! Have a great week, stay safe, and dig in!-Ben

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