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Goodbye Accounting...Hello Acting: Meet Ancestry’s “Lederhosen Guy”

Goodbye Accounting...Hello Acting: Meet Ancestry’s “Lederhosen Guy”

  Most of America already knows Kyle Merker. The commercial where he "trades in his lederhosen for a kilt" has aired 22,000 times on broadcast television. Kyle filmed the Ancestry commercial at the age of 53. And the experience sparked an old passion that encouraged him to pursue acting after 25+ years in the world of accounting and finance. In just three short years, he’s been remarkably successful being featured in range of other commercials, television programs, films and theater projects. But he took acting seriously enrolling in a two-year program at the Michael Warner Studio in New York City. And he prepares meticulously for each and every audition. DOWNLOAD EPISODE TRANSCRIPT Special thanks to friend and neighbor Sue Check for connecting me with Kyle Merker.  

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