Kate Glavan + Emma Roepke

Episode 60: End of 2021 Q+A

Episode 60: End of 2021 Q+A

In today's episode, Kate and Emma finish off 2021 with our final Q+A of the year. We talk about routines, supplements, ED recovery, personal goals, fitness, and everything the sea moss girlies wanted to know. Thank you for the support throughout 2021 — we are looking forward to what's next for sea moss girlies world domination. Kate Glavan ⁠— instagram.com/kateglavan/ Emma Roepke ⁠— instagram.com/emma.roepke/ Sea Moss Girlies ⁠— instagram.com/seamossgirlies/   Sea Moss Life Community Platform on Geneva https://links.genevachat.com/invite/03fa1998-a28f-4cc1-8bae-95dec9ecf0e6 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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