Ep. 16 | "#whiteoutwednesday"

Ep. 16 | "#whiteoutwednesday"

YOOO...... Back again with another pod for you beautiful listeners. Once again, a disclaimer to our listeners apologising for the sound quality, we know it may be washy at certain stages but sometimes the game just be like that. We welcome Bunmi, another African prince and our personal videographer to this episode, where we speak everything from 15-minute internships with bill gates, what happens when the aliens come and enslave white people, and parenting. Tune in.  Time stamps 00:00 - Intro/ Disclaimer 12:15 - Bill gates internship  27:50 - #Whiteoutwednesday and Aliens 32:00 - Kids/ Marriage  Sleepers  - 01:07:00 Mixed signals - Fasina He say, she say - SVMI  South - ayrtn Skys falling - Remy Banks Instas scoreperpodcast - US scoreperperson - Nathan  t_yd_y - Thaddeus  bunmi.ft - Bunmi jadd_atta - Jadd  Safe x      

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