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Ciitizen's mission is to empower seven billion citizens across the planet with all of their health data. When you control your data, you have more options. For your own care, and to advance research for others. Observational Studies and real-world evidence are critical to the drug development process. Ciitizen has developed a new method to make this process easier. A next-generation, digital Observational Study for SCN2A-related disorders is expected to facilitate: Informing clinical researchers how a disease changes over time Enabling better endpoint selection to use in clinical trials The connection between mutation types and symptoms to facilitate targeted therapies Reducing the time it takes to study new medicines in clinical trials Speeding up the time to get therapeutics to patients The use of data as a placebo (instead of actual patients) in a clinical trial This study will complement the International SCN2A Natural History and real-world evidence studies for SCN2A-related disorder patients. Become a Ciitizen and help advance research and accelerate treatments by clicking here! Please note that this is only available in the US however Ciitizen plan to expand globally starting in April. Links: Ciitizen Webinar on Ciitizen hosted by FamilieSCN2A Foundation See for privacy information.

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