SCCM Digital Summer Showcase

An Interview with Team EsCATit (GPS2)

An Interview with Team EsCATit (GPS2)

An interview with the GPS2 team, Team EsCATit, creators of "Slime Pew Pew" for Game Project Studio 2's January 2020 semester. Slime PewPew is a mobile colour-coded arcade shooter played from a first person perspective. As the player you are are hired as an exterminator to eliminate slimes to get the highest score before they can take over the world (or the room in this case). Download Slime Pew Pew here: Team EsCaTit consists of 1 designer, 2 artists and 4 programmers. This interview was conducted by student Sophie Azlan, and done in conjunction with the UOWM KDU SCCM Digital Summer Showcase: a showcase of student made games from the School of Computing & Creative Media from UOW Malaysia KDU.

Duration: 14 min

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