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An Interview with Project: G (FYP)

An Interview with Project: G (FYP)

An interview with the FYP team, Project: G, creators of "Blood Moon: Genesis" for Final Year Project's January 2020 semester. Blood Moon: Genesis is an action, boss battle game where the player takes control of the Solar and Lunar foxes who was bonded together as one physical body named Aiko and was sent to the underworld by the divine. Their task is to seal the “Drunken Demon” that has escaped due to the effects of the Blood Moon which makes him progressively stronger.  Use the power of the Sun and Moon to defeat the Drunken Demon and prevent his escape to the over world.   .....can you do it and bring peace to this world or will you die trying? ..... Download Blood Moon: Genesis here: This interview was conducted by student Sophie Azlan, and done in conjunction with the UOWM KDU SCCM Digital Summer Showcase: a showcase of student made games from the School of Computing & Creative Media from UOW Malaysia KDU.

Duration: 22 min

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