Sammie Vance

S2 E5: Sammie Interviews Ashley Nevison

S2 E5: Sammie Interviews Ashley Nevison

In this episode Sammie talks to Ashley Nevison just in time for Giving Tuesday 2021. Ashley not only volunteers to helps those in need but also has a podcast, is an author and both Sammie and she are Giving Tuesday Sparks leaders. Though states and years a part Ashley and Sammie have a lot in common and both loves to spread kindness. They both started their initiatives at age 8. Find out about Ashley's Giving Tuesday plans and how you can be involved. Also find out why Sammie loves team work so much. Make sure and listen until the end to find out what makes Ashley smile. After this episode I am betting you will be inspired to spread some kindness of your own.

Duration: 19 min

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