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Inshore Tackle and Tactics with Captain Jack Sprengel

Inshore Tackle and Tactics with Captain Jack Sprengel

Capt Jack Sprengel is known for his edgy style and unique approach to the sport. A recreational angler by the age of 6, Jack’s professional career in sport fishing started at the age of 14 when he was hired by a local tackle shop.  There he was able to learn all aspects of the industry, not only from the marketing and retail perspective, but nearly every single form of sport fishing available today. The Captain learned by paying attention to the old-timers, working with commercial fishermen and getting out and honing his own unique style. By the age of 16, he was dialed in enough that shop customers began to pay him for the day to jump on their boats and help them catch more fish.  Capt Jack has nearly three decades of professional angling experience. In this time he has traveled the world in search of trophy game-fish, landing species from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, The Caribbean Sea and The Gulf of Mexico. An active writer and photographer Jack has been both featured and published in numerous outdoor publications including: “Saltwater Sportsman,” “Sport Fishing Magazine,” “On the Water,” “The Fisherman,” “Nor-east,” “Field and Stream,” and “Jig and Pop the World”  Learn more about Jack at Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast!

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