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042: The Art of Customer Validation with Whitney Casey

042: The Art of Customer Validation with Whitney Casey

Most entrepreneurs acknowledge the importance of customer validation. Few, however, are as curious or relentless in the pursuit of customer feedback as Whitney Casey. Following her Emmy-winning career as a talk show host and NYC anchor, Whitney created, a startup in the Fashion/Technology space. Along with her best-friend and co-founder Brooklyn Decker, Whitney has assembled a stellar team of brainiacs, in NYC, who are revolutionizing the way you interact with your wardrobe. Whitney joins us this week to explore the value of customer feedback and the strategy every founder should model before attempting to scale.  ON THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: Finery - the first wardrobe operating system When to hire vs outsource developers A validation strategy every founder should adopt How to elicit the most authentic customer feedback The power of honest feedback from users, even if "your baby is ugly" Product Development discipline and the challenges of “feature creep” 6 revenue sources and the customers lifecycle. Choosing the right investors - “make sure you find smart money”

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