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040: Win-Loss Analysis with Clozd Founder Spencer Dent

040: Win-Loss Analysis with Clozd Founder Spencer Dent

Knowing why you win and lose deals might be the most valuable information your company can have. Unfortunately, 60% of sales professionals are wrong about why they win and lose deals. Not surprisingly, founders make critical errors when they use such assessments in strategic decisions.  My guest this week is Clozd founder, Spencer Dent. Leveraging his experience at Bain, and Qualtrics, Spencer co-founded Clozd with the mission to help companies uncover the truth about why they win and lose. On this episode, Spencer shares some of the most common pitfalls, and why win-loss analysis should be an integral part of your growth strategy.  ON THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: Win-loss analysis and the founding story of Clozd 2 reasons companies should outsource win-loss analysis Why founders avoid win-loss analysis 60% of reps don't know why they win or lose deals How to categorize and prioritize the issues that affect win-loss Adapting your sales teams to position against the competition The 3 most common deal killers that every founder should be aware of  A closer took at Clozd business model

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