Jenan Al-Dayyen, Sara J. Nelson, and the Rest of Our Wonderful Cast

Ep 19 In Which Bob Goes Missing

Ep 19 In Which Bob Goes Missing

Welcome back to Saffron and Peri! After chasing nefarious eggnapping space pirates through the high galaxies, Saffron has returned to her home dimension to discover that a Certain Situation has arisen which now sees Peri joining forces with their one-time Nemesis, Professor Princess Vasilisa. And Tristan has settled comfortably into his role as godparenting student, even making some friends along the way. But their troubles are far from over... Join us for a magical summer of fun in Season 4 of Saffron and Peri!   Follow Saffron and Peri on the following sites: Main Website Patreon Tumblr Twitter Instagram Youtube

Duration: 18 min

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