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Season 2 Intro!

Season 2 Intro!

Welcome to Season 2 of Sacred Sister Podcast! Where we normalize the magic and sacralize the mundane. We open up dialogue on metaphysical subjects, self-healing tools, expanding consciousness and deepening awareness that supports you in co-creating a life full of healing, meaning and magic. In this second season, we enter the energy of the High Priestess - all about relationships, connection, and deep healing! We’re inviting conscious guests we love and admire and can’t wait to dive deep into conversation about healing in so many forms! Britt Lynn is a self-study entrepreneur. She spans communication on deepening relationship with Self across YouTube, as a speaker, workshop facilitator and with her spiritual wellness blog, Rise Aligned. She is a singer/songwriter, currently recording a chakra healing medicine album. From nature wisdom to ancient systems, Britt Lynn is endless curious when it comes to making sense of life. She helps others normalize the ‘woo’ and curate a conscious life of wellness that’s fun, deep and feels good! IG @brittlynnrising FB Group Britt Lynn Yoga Hanna is a Certified Astrologer and Inner Peace Coach. She supports people in living in sync with the cosmic and natural cycles of life to experience harmony and reach their highest potential. Contact for a free clarity session: IG @hannalenachristensen Write us at

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