Lusire Boyd & Darryell Randle

35. Disrupt Fitness - Kathy Chester

35. Disrupt Fitness - Kathy Chester

Episode Notes: Happy 2020!   We are back for Season 3 with a short, sweet and fresh episode. Last week Lusire met up with Kathy Chester.  Kathy is a runner and triathlete who  also  owns the Health and Fitness gym Disrupt Fitness in Berkley, MI.  Check it out and find out why, "if it aint tight, it aint right"!  Official sponsor - RUNdetroit RUNdetroit is Detroit's specialty shop for all things running and walking. Located in the Midtown neighborhood, they provide weekly run groups, track workouts, shoe fittings and advice for runners and walkers of all levels.   Disrupt Fitness: RTD FB Page:  RTD Group Page:

Duration: 17 min

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