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#25 | Courtney Dunham

#25 | Courtney Dunham

Courtney Dunham, aka @insydegrind80, is a published author, caretaker, mother, sister, aunt, and now...a runner. Courtney first really got into running when she decided to run 2.23 miles in honor of Ahmaud Arbery. She ended up running 3 miles, got hooked, and never looked back. Within a year, she was running her first half marathon. Listen in as we talk through her joining Champions Running, what her training looked like, how she parlayed her first-ever half into an ambassadorship for the Houston Half Marathon, and why she keeps going.  Instagram - @insydegrind80 SHOW SOCIAL Instagram - @runnersofhou Instagram - @vickyoddi Facebook - Runners of HOU Facebook Group - Runners of HOU Friends Twitter - @runnersofhou Sign up for the newsletter!

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